Dansani - Danish bathroom furniture

The Luna range has a vast collection of basins, cabinets, mirrors and accessories which gives you that perfect opportunity to create your own style. The Luna range has many different handle options including having push to open.

The Zaro range is a unique collection due to the exclusive materials used which creates your own personal bathroom. Zaro only has integrated handles, this is perfect for a sleek, clean look with a modern feel.

The YOU collection has 3 ranges. Classic, Vintage & Urban. Classic is all about bringing the elegance to your bathroom, enabling you to create your own colour combinations, handle options & framed or plain fronts. Vintage is the decorative style, the curved front panels  brings you the retro look to your bathroom. Vintage front panels are available as plain or grooved versions. Urban is perfect for the strong, clean look. Simplicity and having a perfect finish is what bests describes Urban. This Danish design shows high attention to detail when it comes to using high quality materials to create your simple yet effective & sleek look.

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